Recent Before & After Photos

Mold in Coconut Grove

A conducive condition for mold growth can happen when the exhaust flex tube from a dryer is not properly directed vented through the roof. A Coconut Grove attic... READ MORE

Water Damage – South Miami Home

Water damage to this South Miami home was a result of a leak in an attic water line. The leaking water line caused water damage to the attic insulation, rafters... READ MORE

South Miami Storm-Ravaged House

Tropical storms ofter damage vacant homes severely because they are not secured against hurricane force winds. Groundwater is contaminated with debris and patho... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Coconut Grove Apartments

Fire damage at this Coconut Grove apartment building began on the second floor of this unit. The firefighters had to cut access holes in the roof to fight the f... READ MORE

South Miami Water Break in an Office

The water line flooded the back storage area of this engineering firm in South Miami. The standing water was already damaging shelving and stored inventory and ... READ MORE

Mold Damage to a Coconut Grove Garage/House

The moisture boosted a substantial mold infestation in this wall of the garage opposite the kitchen in this Coconut Grove property. Using air scrubbers with HEP... READ MORE

Miami Drying Out of That LA Fitness Center

Competitors are always amazed at the methodologies and techniques we employ to reach our objectives. The water in this LA Fitness Center in Miami was really wet... READ MORE

South Miami Helps Out a Senior Citizen Community

Century Village in Boca Raton suffered an extensive flood from a broken water main. Fortunately, the water was not contaminated and rapid water removal to prote... READ MORE

More Miami Storm and Water Damage

Even though most of the flooring has non-porous coverings like this tile, the drywall based walls and steel studs were susceptible to water and storm damage. Ex... READ MORE

LA Fitness Center in Miami Water Damage

Between the storm and then the broken water line within the fitness center, the proprietors were in a panic when we arrived to restore order. Upon assessing the... READ MORE