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Mold Damage Remediation

9/25/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can remediate all types of mold damage. Call today for an assessment!

There are Many Different Types and Colors of Mold

Did you realize that there are several different kinds of mold which can be found in your home and cause various health problems, depending on the type of mold you are exposed to? There are actually over one hundred different types of mold which can sometimes be found in homes, and below are some of the most common ones.

Mold damage in Coral Gables is something that should be taken care of immediately by professionals such as our technicians at SERVPRO, as it can cause severe health problems for you and your family. Understanding what some common types are is important in recognizing that there is a mold problem in your home:

Alternaria – Many times this is found outdoors, but it can grow in damp places indoors as well, such as under sinks with leaky pipes or in showers. It can spread easily from one area to another.
Aspergillus – A kind of mold found indoors frequently. It can cause several adverse health effects.
Aureobasidium – Found a lot outdoors, this mold can also be found in homes on wallpaper, wooden surfaces and painted surfaces. It can also be found on caulking and damp window frames. It is black and pink in color.
Botrytis – This mold grows in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms with little ventilation.
Chaetomium – This mold many times grows on drywall that has water damage. It gives off a characteristic musty odor.
Cladosporium – This kind of mold is found inside homes quite often. Most kinds of this mold like warm climates, and it can grow in cool areas as well. Many times it grows on fabrics such as carpeting, and on wooden surfaces like floorboards and cabinets.
Fusarium – This mold can also grow and spread in lower temperatures. It can many times be found on water damaged fabrics and carpets.
Penicillium – Many times found growing on materials that have been water damaged, including wallpaper, carpeting, insulation, and mattresses. It is a kind of mold that spreads easily and quickly from one area of your home to another. It usually looks to be blue and/or green.
Stachybotrys chartarum – Many times this mold is referred to as black mold since it has a slimy, black appearance. Sometimes it is referred to as toxic mold, but the mold is not actually toxic. It does, however, make toxic compounds called mycotoxins, and can cause health effects if you come into contact with them. It has a characteristic musty odor and grows many times in places which are damp all the time, such as air conditioning ducts or around leaky pipes.

A professional mold tester from SERVPRO can test your home for mold and inform you what type of mold is growing. We can also let you know how severe your mold problem is and find mold you might not have seen yet. You can schedule one of our technicians to come out to your home by calling us at SERVPRO of South Miami at (305) 269-8900.

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