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Kick off a Healthy Year by Visiting the Coral Gables Farmers Market at Merrick Park

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

Fire raging in home. When fire strikes your home and you don't know who to call. Call SERVPRO their IICRC certified technicians are trained for the job no matter the size.

Coral Gables- the City Beautiful- Invites One and All to Enjoy South Florida’s Beautiful Weather

Coral Gables has earned its title of City Beautiful due to a multitude of reasons. Its shaded streets, pleasant weather, and numerous amenities make it an ideal place to live, work, and play. As we welcome 2021, there is no better time of the year to take a stroll or drive through the city for a relaxed morning or afternoon. 

Through March 27th, visitors to Merrick Park can support local businesses and enjoy fresh produce by visiting its Farmers Market. Imagine enjoying a fresh fruit smoothie while sitting in the sun and letting the little ones play in the park. Here’s what you need to know about the Farmers Market-

  • Fresh produce, baked good, and flowers are among some of the products you can expect
  • It happens every Saturday through March 27th.
  • Hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • There’s plenty of parking available around the Farmers Market.

Coral Gables is such a beautiful city because it pays close attention to maintaining and preserving its buildings and structures.

Whenever fire damage restoration services are needed by one of its residents, it is best to call a reputable company such as SERVPRO. Only a professional team like ours can live up to the standards of the City Beautiful residents.

SERVPRO of South Miami is at your service when a fire strikes your home. Call us at (305) 269-8900 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.” 

Have-Nots Comedy at Yumbrella South Miami

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Stage with red curtain Let SERVPRO handle your mold concerns and enjoy a night out for stand up comedy in South Miami.

Enjoy A Night of Standup Comedy After Christmas in South Miami

After a busy Christmas, you may be looking for an effective way to relax. Having a good laugh can give you all the relaxation that you need. You can attend the Have-Nots Comedy show in South Miami organized by Yumbrella on December 26, 2020, starting from 7 PM. The show features homegrown comedy talent such as Francisco “Cisco” Duran, who grew up in Miami and started performing successfully at age 21, even appearing on Kevin Hart's show on Comedy Central, among other notable programs. 

Other details that you might be interested in knowing about the event include:

  • Sitting is on a first-come, first-served basis. The doors open at 7 PM
  • A full dinner menu and bar and available during the shows
  • Each show runs for about 90 minutes
  • You can park at the venue's garage or opt for metered street parking

SERVPRO of South Miami helps business operators maintain the ambiance and air quality at their premises by offering effective mold remediation services. Call us at (305) 269-8900 to help you clean up or remove moldy materials.

Local Team helps Salvage Coral Gables Businesses after Water Damage

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment When water wreaks havoc on your business property, contact the experts at SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Offers Reliable Services to Businesses Affected by Water Damage in Coral Gables

The development of Coral Gables started in 1925 and is one of the earliest successful planned cities in the world. It was developed during the Florida land boom in the 1920s. The boom was occasioned by several things, including technological developments such as the availability of automobiles and the financial incentives educated and skilled people were receiving at the time, including pensions, paid vacations, and other fringe benefits. With the ease of movements and money to spend, a destination like Florida with its fair weather soon became a favorite for many, and thus the demand for land soared. The thrill-seekers, therefore, helped increase the demand for land.

The Gables, as locals call it, was envisioned by writer and poet George Edgar Merrick after he inherited citrus groves from his father. He even wrote a poem describing his dream of the future city. Initially, the town was carved out of 3000 acres of land covered in citrus and pine trees. Later, nearby land was acquired, expanding the city. The name is derived from the description of the home where Merrick grew up, which had a coral-like limestone exterior and a gabled roof. 

The City Beautiful

At the time Coral Gables was being developed, the City Beautiful Movement was flourishing. The movement was a philosophy of urban planning and architecture in North America that sought to introduce beautification and monumental grandeur in cities. The poor living conditions experienced in most major cities where overcrowded tenement districts were the norm due to high birth rates and immigration sparked the philosophy. 

Merrick, who was passionate about aesthetics, incorporated the philosophy in developing the new city, including using strict zoning of commercial, residential, and recreational areas with clear divisions. He also chose the Mediterranean Revival Style as the main architectural style of the city. The centerpiece was the massive Biltmore Hotel. Some of the aspects that made the planned city unique included:

  • A downtown only four blocks wide but over two miles long. Therefore, every business could be termed as less than a two-block walk.
  • The city had smaller villages or communities designed with different international influences to break the monotony of the Mediterranean Revival Style, thus attracting a wider audience
  • It was designed with an electric trolley system to provide public transport

The Great Miami Hurricane

Two storms almost quashed the dream of a model city - a financial one and a literal one. The 1926 Miami hurricane affected many areas in Florida, causing severe damage to properties. The Great Depression also started soon after, halting Merrick's plan for the further development of Coral Gables as he was heavily indebted by then. However, the dream did not die since the city is still one of the most beautiful places in Florida. Some of the notable attractions include:

  • The Miracle Mile which has several restaurants, shops, boutiques, and art galleries, making it one of the most sought after shopping location in south Florida
  • The Baltimore Hotel located on Anastasia Avenue built during the initial development of the city as its main attraction
  • The Venetian Pool on De Soto Boulevard. The pool resulted from repurposing the abandoned quarry where most of the materials to build the city were obtained. It has the unique distinction of being spring fed. It was listed in the national register of historic places in 1981.

Fine Dining Capital of South Florida

Away from the fascinating architecture, Coral Gables is also popular in culinary circles with many restaurants, especially along the Miracle Mile. Visitors and residents can enjoy Caribbean, French, Mexican, and Italian or other specialty dishes in the city. Some of the distinguished restaurants include:

  • Ortanique on the Mile, which opened in 1999. Diners can enjoy Caribbean flavors made with local ingredients. The restaurant has colorful tropical-themed décor.
  • Caffe Abbracci opened 10 years earlier than Ortanique in 1989. The Italian restaurant offers a unique ambiance with an intimate low ceiling dining room and opulent crystal chandeliers. The menu mostly consists of traditional Italian dishes.
  • Talavera Cocina Mexicana offers authentic Mexican dishes like corn masa, carne asada, chile relleno and mole poblano among others.
  • Brasserie Central is a great place to enjoy authentic French cuisine. The restaurant is famous for making everything from scratch. They use classical French techniques to prepare their meals. Apart from the food, diners can also enjoy a variety of French wines at this establishment.

Sometimes, diners may have other interests apart from enjoying a hearty meal.  Some establishments, such as The Café at Books & Books, located at the famous bookstore, offer a chance to enjoy meals after a stimulating activity such as book reading. The menu highlights local and seasonal ingredients in salads, sandwiches, and entrees. Vegan options are also available. 

How Does SERVPRO Help Coral Gables Business Recover From Water Damage?

Water intrusion into business premises leads to many challenges, including creating hazardous conditions for customers or employees, discomfort, and damaging various materials. Coral Gables business owners must respond appropriately to ensure the water intrusion does not ruin their operations. SERVPRO provides a team of professional water restoration technicians to help provide protective and restorative services.

Preventing is the best solution for Issues that make the premises hazardous. For instance, floors become slick when wet, increasing the chances of slip and fall accidents. SERVPRO technicians mark place warning signs around the wet floor surfaces or isolate the areas. Expediting water extraction is also another viable strategy.

Other helpful things that our technicians might do for the business include:

  • Checking moisture levels in all sections of the property, including cavities such as walls, to ensure the drying steps chosen are appropriate
  • Cleaning up all affected areas to remove soiling, stains, or other issues 
  • Managing the speed of moisture removal to avoid secondary issues such as condensation 
  • Performing finishing steps such as deodorization to restore comfort levels in the facility since water spills cause bad smells

SERVPRO of South Miami helps business operators in Coral Gables deal with all cases of indoor water intrusion. Call us at (305) 269-8900 to help start mitigation processes in time.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Office Electronics From Water Damage?

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

image of tablet and ERP SERVPRO Offers the ERP--Emergency READY Profile Plan to Help Prevent and Mitigate Damage to Your Miami-Based Business

Miami Business Owners Are Keen To Keep Water Damage Away From Their Electronics

Anybody who runs a business in Miami knows how necessary electronic equipment is. Whether your company uses computers, a till, a customer database, phones, and tablets, or a combination of the above, electrical equipment is part of any business.

In the event of water damage, Miami business owners are often worried about their electronics. After all, electrical equipment is costly to replace. If you need to substitute a critical device, that can delay you from getting your business back on track.

What can I do to keep electronics safe from water damage?

SERVPRO suggests taking a few simple steps to keep your electronics safe:

  1.     Always elevate electronics – equipment left on the floor is more at risk of damage
  2.     Keep electronics and sources of water separate – do not keep electronics near faucets or dishwashers
  3.     Discourage employees from drinking at their desk as hot coffee and electronics are a recipe for disaster
  4.     Install moisture meters to warn you of impending problems

We also recommend you back up all vital information to the cloud regularly. That way, even if something happens to your equipment, you will not lose critical data.

Why should I call SERVPRO in the event of a water loss?

Facing water damage in your office or warehouse is daunting. You are not trained or equipped to deal with such a disaster, which is why it is crucial to call us. Our technicians:

  1.     Are prepared to assess the situation quickly and draw up the best plan
  2.     Have a range of extractors and drying equipment on hand to get your business looking “Like it never even happened.”
  3.     Can help you move your equipment out and then back again if needed
  4.     Know when it is safe to touch electronics and when it is too hazardous, keeping you safe

For an even faster response, we recommend you sign up with our SERVPRO Emergency READY Plan (ERP). It is free to join and helps you draw up a handbook of useful information for staff in the event of water damage. Using ERP means your business is better prepared, and we are your preferred vendor to assist rapidly.

For help with water damage, call SERVPRO of South Miami at (305) 269-8900.

How Long Can I Wait to Dry Out the Building After a Water Loss in My Miami Business?

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

interior of an office completely flooded Placing your trust in the resources brought to commercial water losses by SERVPRO of South Miami is an excellent business decision.

Let SERVPRO Take on the Planning, Scheduling, and Completion of Water Cleanup on Your Focus on Running Your Miami Business

Professional water removal and structural drying follow scientific protocols with which most business owners have little familiarity. Our managers and technicians are ready to respond 24/7 to plumbing leaks, equipment breakdowns, or any other water disaster source in your Miami commercial building. Why is a rapid response so important?

    •    Avoid progressive damage to both the structure and the contents (including your inventory)
    •    Limit or avoid mold growth and damage
    •    Reassure your customers, employees, and vendors that your endeavor is on solid footing

Can I Direct My Maintenance or Cleaning Staff to Manage the Water Damage?

If you already have employees on the payroll tasked to complete building maintenance, why is water cleanup at your Miami site any different? The answer is simple--the skills and equipment needed to abate a sizable commercial water emergency are unavailable to your general-purpose cleaning staff. Training your employees in the specialized qualifications for disaster response is not typically germane to your mission. Likewise, high capacity extractors and multiple sets of air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers are rarely needed and thus a poor investment for your company.

Who Has the Trained Technicians and Equipment for Successful Water Cleanup of Any Size and Intensity?

SERVPRO exists to provide prompt and professional water cleanup services, including your business's significant needs after a water crisis.  In addition to a scalable inventory of commercial-grade water removal and drying equipment, our The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained crews are familiar with restoration industry best practices in water removal and drying.

Placing your trust in the resources brought to commercial water losses by SERVPRO of South Miami is an excellent business decision. Contact us at (305) 269-8900 to consult about how our trained team and state-of-the-art equipment delivers superior results.

What is the Best Way to Remove Mold From Retail Stores in Miami?

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

clothing store If you can visibly see mold in your commercial space, it is time to call a professional restoration company to remediate the damage properly

Call SERVPRO at the First Sign of Mold Damage 

We have written countless articles regarding the importance of taking immediate action when facing mold on your Miami property because we need you to understand how severely mold damage can impact your working environment in a rather small amount of time. 

Surface mold damage found in your Miami area retail establishment is easy to remove. However, the sustained growth in building and structural materials can make things much worse, leading to extensive secondary damages, lengthy repairs, and even closure of your facility.  

You may have read elsewhere that mold can take anywhere from 4-10 days to cover building materials found on your property. However, this does not take other assets and inventory into consideration. Cash registers, phones, computers, displays, and other essential equipment require particular attention to recover, as well.  

A test performed in a controlled environment on a specific material does not offer conclusive results that pertain to your situation because every job is different. A company like SERVPRO can help you determine which steps to take and help you move forward after experiencing mold growth on your property.  

As a business owner, you need to keep in mind that by the time you can visibly recognize mold growth on your property, it is already too late. It only takes mold 24-72 hours to begin new growth cycles on surface materials that can continue spreading as long as the right conditions exist. Any amount of time you use to take decisive action can cost you significantly. Having SERVPRO on your side can provide you with the solutions necessary to save your business. 

At SERVPRO, we urge our customers to call us at the first signs of mold growth. Using a variety of early detection and extraction equipment, our IICRC certified technicians can get mold on your property under control faster. This fast remediation helps you regain control of your working environment, limit your losses, and ensure a more successful recovery. 

Gain access to expertly trained, fully certified, technicians available at SERVPRO of South Miami, today. Our entire Green Fleet stands ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. (305) 269-8900 

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My South Miami Business Flooded, How Do I Secure My Store?

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used in water damaged room Did you experience flood damage? SERVPRO is equipped to restore your flood damaged business. Call us today!

SERVPRO Technicians Secure the Structure Before Beginning Restoration Work 

As a Miami resident and shop owner, you understand the importance of preparing for hurricanes and floods. You also know that you need to address damage quickly afterward to limit the subsequent loss to your business. Florida's low sea level and propensity for tropical and intense summer storms means that you should have an arrangement in place in case an unexpected flood hits your business. Part of that plan involves closing off windows and doors for security purposes while you put your business back together. 

What Should I Do with My Merchandise? 

SERVPRO Helps Secure Your Valuable Merchandise with the Help  

Flood damage in your South Miami shop means that you have to care for your merchandise to ensure that it is okay after the flood. Our restoration specialists may take damaged merchandise offsite to secure, clean, and dry the items. They keep an inventory throughout the process so that you have clear documentation to assist in insurance claims. You can move unaffected merchandise to a safe location while your shop undergoes the restoration process to ensure that the added humidity in the air does not affect it. 

What Are Some of the Things Technicians Do to Secure My Store and Ensure Safety While They Work on It?  

  • They check for hazards and turn off the power if needed.
  • They remove standing water with extraction equipment to remove contaminants and slip and fall hazards.
  • They treat surfaces by cleaning them and applying antimicrobials to limit mold growth. 

We understand the importance of getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible while keeping your shop and merchandise safe and secure during the water restoration process. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster. 

For assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of South Miami at (305) 269-8900 anytime. 

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Are There Strategies to Prevent Mold in Miami Storage Facilities?

5/23/2020 (Permalink)

outside view of storage facility Keep an eye out for excess moisture and possible mold at your storage facility. SERVPRO technicians can also offer additional prevention tips

Certified Technicians Quickly Remediate a Mold Infestation in Your Storage Business

Mold damage in a storage facility can go unnoticed for a long time. If you are not vigilant, it is easy to miss the early signs of the damage and soon, it gets out of hand. Mold can not only ruin your facility but damage your customers' contents costing you thousands in damages.

Thankfully, you can do a lot to prevent commercial mold damage in Miami from ruining your storage facility. If you are proactive and pay attention to the early signs, you can save yourself much trouble.

Control the moisture levels

Moisture can severely and irreparably damage your customers' contents in the storage units. Furniture, cartons, artwork, and clothes can be quickly ruined. Furthermore, it is the most critical factor that causes mold growth. Storage facilities are not exactly known for their exceptional ventilation, and it can be challenging to get rid of the moisture from them. If you have a leaky roof or a busted pipe in your facility, the lack of free air movement can lead to high local moisture content.

Spores love this high moisture content and quickly germinate to form mold colonies in no time. The best way to avoid it is to check your facility for leaks and drips on a regular basis. Professionals here at SERVPRO can also help you determine the moisture levels in your facility and suggest methods to get them under control.

Do not ignore any amount of mold

Ignoring mold, especially if there are only a few colonies can be quite tempting. However, before you know it, they can spread throughout your facility and ruin it. If it remains unchecked, the mold can spread quickly to your customers' contents destroying them in the process. Make sure that you are seeking professional help as soon as you spot, smell or even suspect mold growth. Our IICRC certified SERVPRO professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to remedy the problem before it gets out of hand.

Perform regular inspections

The best way to prevent mold damage from turning into a disaster is to perform regular inspections. Look for the signs of mold damage often and as thoroughly as you can. The best chance of getting the damage restored is when the professionals can reach the earliest stage.

Call SERVPRO of South Miami at (305) 269-8900 to talk to one of our mold damage restoration experts.

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How Can I Restore My Miami Warehouse Quickly After A Fire?

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged building Fire damage to your warehouse can strike at any time. Call SERVPRO to remediate the effects of the damage today.

Our SERVPRO Team Can restore your South Miami Warehouse

Whether you use your warehouse space as a fitness center, a bakery, or a dance studio, you still have time and effort invested in it. When fire strikes and soot and smoke residue cover your equipment, it is best to let a professional team handle the cleanup. Failure to perform a comprehensive restoration process can leave your business vulnerable to more damage consequences to the fire.

Business owners can rely on SERVPRO to restore their South Miami warehouse following fire damage. Our crew is readily available once you reach us at our 24/7 hotline, and we apply our industry knowledge to develop a plan of action tailored to you. Our scope of work includes removing residual extinguishing agents and water, cleaning every surface, and addressing any lingering odors. Place your trust in us and let us do what we do best.

Should I discard all my fixtures and equipment after a warehouse fire?

Each accidental fire is unique, and our SERVPRO team evaluates each of them based on its characteristics. Understanding the path of the flames is essential to understanding the exposure of your ventilation system and just how far soot and smoke traveled. With this information and by looking at each burnt surface, our team decides on an approach for the cleanup. Some items, particularly those of porous materials such as furniture and rugs, could be beyond salvaging. As we assess the damage, we make recommendations and assist in discarding items in accordance to waste management and environmental regulations.

One of the clearest reminders of the fire is the smell it leaves behind. Our SERVPRO crew takes great care in eliminating the odor by using one or a combination of techniques, which may include the following:

  • Use of an ozone generator
  • Thermal fogging
  • Odor counteracting pellets

At SERVPRO of South Miami, we know that all fires are different. Call us at (305) 269-8900 when you face an emergency and let us work for you. Our goal is to leave your business, "Like it never even happened."

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Have You Ever Looked into Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Miami?

2/9/2020 (Permalink)

Florida night club Don't let the club next door become the latest hotspot. Contact SERVPRO when facing water damage on your commercial property.

Working Around the Clock to Dry Your Miami Nightclub

Few places in the world can boast the kind of sultry nightlife that we have in Miami, and that is partly due to the abundance of great nighttime spots. Because of the crowded establishments every night, you might not notice when leaks start to develop in fixtures like your toilets and sinks in the restrooms. If and when these leaks become full breaks, they can quickly affect this room and other adjacent areas on the same level.

Once you have recognized a loss incident in your nightclub, it is vital to get our SERVPRO professionals on the scene to begin water removal for your Miami business. Many of the flooring materials in your club might initially resist water penetration, such as marble tiling in the bathrooms. However, failure to adequately remove all of the migrating water can lead to more hazardous conditions with microbial threats.

We can appreciate how significant a fast turnaround is on removing the water from your nightclub and getting your guests back to a level of comfort in the building. With the right response, we can extract the water from the damaged areas outside and inside of the bathroom with submersible electric pumps and wet vacuums. Once the surface water has gotten addressed, there are several strategies that we can implement to get your doors back open.

In some situations, based on the severity of the spread of effects from the origin point, focused cleaning and mopping can help to expedite the drying of any lingering moisture and surface water if the damage has not penetrated the surface. We can also utilize axial air movers connected to dry out the bathroom and the immediate areas around it during the day when the club is typically closed.

No matter how threatening a water loss incident might initially appear, our SERVPRO of South Miami team can help with efficient and effective mitigation strategies to get you back to running at full capacity quickly. No matter how we can help after a disaster, give us a call 24/7 at (305) 269-8900.

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Stop Wasting Time and Contact SERVPRO for Your Commercial Water Damage Situation in Miami

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

leaking washing machine Regardless if the washer or refrigerator is leaking at your commercial location, contacting SERVPRO is your best bet.

Commercial Water Removal after a Water Line Breaks Minimizes an Appliance Store's Disruption in Miami

Buying a new washer and dryer set or a larger refrigerator can seem like a large investment to many families in Miami. However, when they have committed to buying an appliance, you want to make the sale. Unexpected emergencies that close your store make this impossible. 

SERVPRO is always near businesses in Miami to help with commercial water removal, any time of day or night. We know emergencies happen without warning, so we keep out Green Fleet of trucks and vans stocked with equipment and always ready to go. The sooner we begin with extracting water, the less there is to pull out of your store. This significantly reduces the amount of time required before we can initiate the process of drying out your store.

After our water extraction team begins with the hand-held units, our building services team can inspect your flooring. Tile and marble flooring respond best when repair work begins immediately. Water can seep underneath tiles and sections of marble can retain water, letting mold set in, as well as stains and discoloration. We use the Injectidry and its floor mats to remove moisture held by the grout between tiles and the pores in natural marble.

Any amount of water can increase the water vapor inside an enclosed space. We need to eliminate this from your store and bring its humidity levels down to normal. Moving the air around is not enough without including a desiccant machine. Even when surfaces feel dry to the touch, moisture can still exist deeper inside different materials. Office furniture can also keep moisture inside upholstery fabric and any cushion's cells. 

Ceilings with acoustic tiles can retain moisture, as heat rises. Warmer air can hold larger amounts of moisture than cooler air found closer to the floor. However, because microbes can grow anywhere their spores land, ceilings also must remain damp-free to protect your store and your inventory.

We work as quickly as possible to make things like normal again, “Like it never even happened.” Making sure you can reopen your store to the public without unnecessary risks caused by a disaster is why we are always ready to respond to your call.

Because SERVPRO of South Miami is near Coral Gables, Miami Gardens, and Key Biscayne, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. This proximity helps get your business operations reinstated fast with as little interruption as possible. Call (305) 269-8900, 24/7, whenever you need to dry things out after a disaster happens.

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Restoring Flood Loss to Coral Gables High School Field House

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

A building with three walls showing, with SERVPRO equipment on the ground. We know how important it is to keep your Coral Gables activities up and running, let us help you with the flood.

Don’t let your Coral Gables students miss their events because of a flood, call SERVPRO today.

The fieldhouse for the high school outdoor athletics for Coral Gables area institutions is an essential building for storing equipment, preparing for games and practices, and other tasks relative to operating a successful sports team. While this structure is a staple near football fields and tracks, it is also part of the property that can become susceptible to flooding as it already sits along the natural basin designed for high school stadiums. Restoring the structure is critical for both the team and the school, and our SERVPRO team can help.

As you might expect, flood damage in Coral Gables school buildings can migrate quickly from the penetration point, affecting multiple areas of the building. Because the building serves as the location for pre-game preparation and practices throughout the week, the inability to use this facility can strain the resources of the athletic department and become a costly situation for the team. With the importance of high school football in the greater Miami and south Florida regions, anything that compromises a team’s success must be addressed promptly.

Protecting your investment in equipment, jerseys, and the structure itself is a strong consideration for choosing the fast and confident response of our SERVPRO professionals. We have experienced personnel who care about the work we do and how to get your building back to preloss condition quickly. Standing water, for example, can get removed through continual extraction with submersible electric pumps or gas-powered trash pumps.

Cleaning the structure is the best way to make clean and gray water flood losses have the least impact on your team and the school. We have potent cleaning products ideal for disinfection, such as our line of chlorine-based agents. For a faster turnaround on the cleaning to get the facility in use again, we can use a milder-scented botanical-based disinfectant as well.

With the importance of athletics in the area, restoring a structure like the field house can keep the team following the same routine and better poised for success. You can count on the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of South Miami team to make these flood losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (305) 269-8900.

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Our Storm Damage Specialists Can Save Your Hurricane-Damaged Restaurant In Miami

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

table in restaurant Give our experts a call today at (305) 269-8900.

Fast Turnaround For Hurricane-Damaged Restaurants In Miami

Your restaurant stays busy in Miami because there are always people looking to avoid the dredge of cooking at home. After a disaster strikes the coast, however, you might have more than some missing shingles or a broken window to contend with and require flood recovery. As tempting as it might be to avoid professional restoration as much as possible, our team provides a fast turnaround to get your business full of hungry patrons again quickly.

Flood damage in Miami restaurants can cripple your business, and make it unsafe for you to continue standard operations until specific safeguards are in place like containment. Any contamination threats can close your doors right away, so you need to rely on the experienced staff we dispatch to your address following severe weather incidents. We have water restoration experts capable of addressing standing water and drying solutions, but also have cleaning technicians and biohazard recovery specialists that can complete all the necessary steps between disaster and “Like it never even happened.”

A substantial deterrent to your success is waiting on third party subcontractors to handle mold growth and remediation in your building, and that is what makes the fast response of our SERVPRO team so vital. Our preparedness for these emergencies can help us to address saturation and exposed materials quickly, identifying which areas are most potentially prone to mold and microbial threats. We have a full line of potent antimicrobial products that can help to eliminate mold spores present on surfaces and protect them from potential colonization.

Removing standing water is also vital to protecting your investment in the furniture and fixtures in the dining area. Between wooden legs of chairs and tables, to the bases for booths, prolonged exposure to even excessive moisture can warp and distort these structural elements to the point of requiring replacement. We have efficient extraction tools and hundreds of air movers available to give your job the attention it needs during flooding.

As challenging as flooding can be for a business, it can lead to a restaurant never opening again if the owner does not take aggressive steps quickly following the disaster. Our SERVPRO of South Miami team is here to help however you need. Give our experts a call today at (305) 269-8900.

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Is Water Damage in South Miami Ruining Your Morning Expresso?

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

There is no room for water damage in this picture. Call SERVPRO of South Miami to quickly restore your coffee shop.

My South Miami Coffee Shop is Drowning

Part of the beauty of living in Miami is that you can find food offerings from all of Latin America and indeed the world. Wherever a person goes, they can enjoy empanadas from Argentina, Venezuelan arepas and the very popular Cuban croqueta. This diversity is the reason why your new coffee shop featuring delicious breakfast items, needs to be agile and persistent to stand out among the competition. Keeping your restaurant clean and efficient is essential to making your customers happy and gain their loyalty.

The competition also makes water damage to your restaurant in Miami such a threat to the survival of your business. If you are unable to restore your restaurant quickly after a pipe burst causing a minor flood, you stand to lose your customer base and its revenue. By calling SERVPRO, you can save yourself time and money by trusting expert water restoration technicians (WRT) to bring your restaurant back to normal.

At SERVPRO, we recognize that eateries face specific rules and regulations regarding the handling of food products, which is why we work closely with you to protect your business from this standpoint. Our crew also recognized the need to save inventory as much as possible, so we work quickly to separate affected areas from the rest of the restaurant, to preserve your goods from water damage.

Our industry-grade equipment is essential to normalizing levels of humidity in your coffee shop. To achieve full restoration, we bring in air movers, drying mats, dehumidifiers, and even injectidry technology to encourage a fast turn-around. When all is dry, we apply disinfecting and deodorizing solutions to leave your place squeaky clean and free of foul odors. We tailor our action plan to your specific needs and the nature of each surface we are cleaning and restoring.

Do not let your coffee shop dream go down the drain. Call SERVPRO of South Miami at (305) 269-8900 and let us leave your place “Like it never even happened.”

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How Severe Storms Can Flood Miami Resorts

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

It's important to SERVPRO that we help your through a time like flood damage.

Please let us help your business in such a dire situation.

Severe weather systems are a nearly constant threat to the residences and businesses of the Greater Miami area, and despite shoring and precautionary measures to prevent destructive situations like flooding from occurring, storm damages can allow these devastating effects to penetrate structures of your resort swiftly and severely. 

Even with substantial storm damage, it is the flood damage in Miami resorts that can often be the costliest and most detrimental to your overall reputation. The severity of these conditions is often considerably devalued and poorly assessed, allowing management and janitorial staff of your resort to only work to resolve the superficial issues that exist and not the full extent of the damage to your facilities. Our SERVPRO professionals have years of experience to combine with our extensive training to obtain certifications for Water Restoration (WRT), Applied Structural Drying (ASD), Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) and even biohazard cleanup for potential contamination scenarios. 

We have access to the full capability of a Large Loss Recovery Team to combine our resources with other branches throughout the state of Florida. We can join both our personnel and extensive inventory of advanced recovery tools to address even substantial loss incidents with the same confidence and effectiveness as any commercial property in our coastal region. 

Our SERVPRO team can appreciate how damaging disasters can be to your reputation and your loyal patrons much more than to the buildings you oversee. We work to keep your business going despite even widespread cleanup and recovery, and if this is not possible, then we work around the clock to get your doors back open as soon as possible after flooding occurs. With our experienced team of restoration specialists, we can quickly make flood effects “Like it never even happened.” 

There are many resorts that people can choose along the beaches and coastline surrounding our region, and disasters can make people question if yours is the right choice. Let our SERVPRO of South Miami professionals get you back in business quickly after a damaging flood event. Give us a call at (305) 269-8900.

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Call SERVPRO When You Need Professional Fire Damage Restoration In Coral Gables

4/2/2019 (Permalink)

Our certified technicians are available 24/7 to help you get back to business after fire damage.

Back to Beautiful with Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Coral Gables

You as an area entrepreneur enjoy the benefits of the community’s support through Business Improvement District of Coral Gables and a growing core of loyal local customers and visitors. The vibrancy of the Miracle Mile/Downtown Gables Shopping District depends on innovative dining and retail spaces. If your business falls victim to a fire everyone suffers. Our mission is to assist both the business owner and our bustling downtown through our high-quality remediation services.

Fire damage to your Coral Gables commercial property requires fast and professional restoration. Whether the damage is unnoticeable from the outside or created a gaping hole along the row of neighboring shops and restaurants, you need experts who trained for this type of disaster and hold multiple certifications in remediation strategies that are sure to get your business back on track.

The SERVPRO team responds day or night, year-round. Our service vehicles arrive with the experienced project managers ready to assess and plan, the products and equipment needed to clear and clean, and the technicians poised to get to work.

Firefighting efforts and sprinkler systems make the first task water removal and structural drying. Safety and structural integrity concerns require a clear view of the damage, elimination of slip-and-fall and electrical shock hazards, and evaluation of any surface weakness caused by the fire. Because SERVPRO is a full-service restoration company, we accomplish this phase with skill and speed.

Soot residues vary depending on the materials consumed. If your business is a restaurant expect thin, varnish-like coating that SERVPRO technicians use abrasive or solvent-based products to loosen. Retail clothing inventory smolders, leaving a thick, sticky residue we remove with cleaners enhanced with wetting agents or surfactants. Paper and wood burns fast with ashy debris we dry sponge and vacuum to remove.

Businesses that close even temporarily due to disaster risk permanent shuttering. SERVPRO’s rapid response using industry best practices ensures your storefront or bistro in the city “Where Beautiful Lives “is back serving customers before your reputation takes a hit.

SERVPRO of South Miami stands ready to help your fire damaged business regain its footing swiftly. Call us at (305) 269-8900 after the firefighters leave to get remediation and restoration tasks rolling.

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When Water Invades Your Miami Antique Store

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Antiques, due to their age, are already fragile. Call SERVPRO of Miami to restore your water damaged property.

A Leaking Pipe in Your Ceiling Can Cause Water Damage Inside of Your Antique Store

The last thing you want to happen inside of the antique shop you own is a water event. Given the antique status of your merchandise, they are not replaceable should they become damaged. Wooden furniture is susceptible to absorbing the water that falls onto it from the ceiling, clothing can become discolored, and any metal could rust. 

Leaving unattended water damage inside your Miami antique store can cause microbial growth.  It is best to call for help immediately to prevent further deterioration to your merchandise, such as mold. Getting professionals onto the scene of the disaster can help reduce costs and even save your merchandise. 

When you phone SERVPRO, we always prioritize working with your schedule. Foot traffic is essential to your business, and we know that the longer your doors are closed, the more money you have lost. SERVPRO can send technicians to your property on any day of the week and at any time. If the pipe begins to leak excessive water right before you close, we can work through the night. If you arrive in the morning to find your shop soaked, we can work through that day.  

Our technicians can bring advanced equipment to your store, designed to combat water damage. Once SERVPRO does a brief investigation and develops a drying plan, we can begin the remediation. First, we can move any dry merchandise to your dry storeroom. Once we have the area of damage isolated, we can start to set up our equipment.  

SERVPRO uses drying mats, dehumidifiers, air movers, and ventilation box fans to combat water destruction. All of these devices are designed to encourage evaporation and, when used in conjunction, they do so at an accelerated pace. We can use extractors on your carpeted floors. Extractors are a vacuum-like piece of equipment with a heating element attached; they are designed to dry carpet and upholstery as it removes water. After drying your store, we can pack up and allow you to reopen your doors for business.  

If a leaking pipe causes water damage in your storefront, never wait to get the help you need. Speak with SERVPRO of South Miami by calling the number (305) 269-8900. We can rush to your business and get the job started right away.

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If Water Has Damaged Your Practice Facility In Miami Call Our Experts

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

With water damage to your Miami high school indoor practice facility, much of the investment stands at risk of becoming unsalvageable.

Restoring Miami High School Practice Facility With Water Damages

Between our Dolphins or our Hurricanes, football in Miami is a big ordeal. Even down into the high school levels, practice facilities see action throughout the year training the upcoming greats to play on Saturdays and Sundays in the years to come. Damages to these facilities can compromise a school’s ability to ready players for the roles they have on the field, and so fast action is necessary to resolve water loss incidents immediately.

With water damage to your Miami high school indoor practice facility, much of the investment stands at risk of becoming unsalvageable. From leaks in the structure itself to plumbing concerns, water loss incidents can be costly for the school and must get addressed as promptly as possible to avoid unnecessary demolition and reconstruction when extraction and drying would have sufficed.

The flooring throughout some of the areas of your facility might be tailored to simulate turf players could experience in the games to come but might also be padding for comfort and sure footing. Either of these materials can get adversely affected by absorbing the present water throughout the affected area and without the attention of fast response technicians like our SERVPRO team, ultimately end up requiring replacement.

Our rapid response team can arrive quickly to both assess the full scope of the damage to the facility and to get to work on extraction and drying efforts. The more thorough that our SERVPRO professionals can be with these steps, the less restorative actions that have to follow. A combination of our air movers and dehumidifiers can help to vaporize moisture trapped in affected materials and extract it from the air.

When your sports facility is at risk for damages from water, you need a team of professionals that can arrive quickly and ensure that the job gets done correctly. Inadequate cleaning can allow persistent moisture to welcome mold growth into the building, which can be a hazard to both the property and those that use it. Give our SERVPRO of South Miami water restoration technicians a call today at (305) 269-8900.

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Are You Embarrassed By the Water Damage Due to Leaky Pipes in Your Kendall Factory? Here's What To Do

10/21/2018 (Permalink)

When leaky pipes cause damage in your factory, contact SERVPRO to get you back up and running.

Commercial Water Damage caused by Leaky Pipes in Kendall Factories

Kendall factory managers must meet several regulations regarding workplace safety and other environmental conditions to keep their plants open and running smoothly. These regulations are in place o control the number of risks to the health and safety of workers. They can also help keep factories stay in good shape structurally, as well.

Manufacturing plants in Kendall with commercial water damage can suffer other problems besides those involving human resources. The machinery needed for injection molding, printing, and other tasks in the fulfillment of customer orders can rust internally when humidity stays elevated for too long. When stations run less efficiently, production suffers. SERVPRO can help you locate problem areas in your factory involving leaks and other intrusive water and work with you to resolve the situation, bringing your employees and machinery back to their full potential again.

When your manufacturing processes require water, lines feeding equipment can exist throughout your buildings. Anywhere these lines exist, water can leak from either loosened joints, faulty valves, or split tubing. Repairing these might require a licensed plumber, and we partner with several in the area who can assist in the mitigation's primary step. Getting leaks resolved allows us to get started with restoring normal humidity and cleaning up any areas with signs of water damage.

After clearing away damaged materials, we set up machinery to remove any remaining moisture and excess microbes from the air. Air movers often become useful during this stage as they help push air towards desiccant machines and air scrubbers. Restoring air quality quickly can help maintain a low population of destructive microbes that would otherwise lie dormant until a future time. Moisture activates these microbes and causes them to begin actively growing.

A lower humidity level also makes temperatures feel closer to reality. Damp conditions can increase sick days as can increased humidity in warmer environments. Feeling sleepy because of higher temperatures combined with increased water vapor can lead to increased accidents.

SERVPRO of South Miami can help get your factory back to great shape by resolving issues involving water damage. Call us at (305) 269-8900 for assistance with your factory in Sweetwater, Dadeland, or Key Biscayne.

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Detrimental Effects Of Commercial Water Damage Can Permanently Close Your Miami Souvenir Shop

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

When a souvenir shop in Miami sustains commercial water damage, responding quickly can help make reopening possible.

Effects Of Commercial Water Damage

Miami's many attractions bring in tourists from all over the world and boost our area in many ways. Tourists enjoy finding unique finds to take back home for themselves and their friends and family. Summer storms can make things wet in our area and leave businesses soaked afterward, even when property and business owners prepared for the event. Interior water leaks can cause just as much damage as torrential storms.

When a souvenir shop in Miami sustains commercial water damage, responding quickly can help make reopening possible. Waiting for a 'better time' can cause a business to fail, never to reopen again. SERVPRO wants to help all our local businesses succeed after a disaster. We train our employees, so they become certified by the IICRC. These certifications ensure that the damage affecting your business gets the mitigation service needed to make everything “Like it never even happened.”

After arriving, SERVPRO's crews go to work cleaning and sanitizing all of your affected merchandise, regardless of the source of the water. When Category 2 or 3 water caused the damage, we remove carpeting and other porous and now-saturated materials. Replacing these items must occur to restore a healthy interior environment. With Category 1 water as the source, we can often restore these items, but only if restoration work begins immediately after the incident. Calling us as soon as you know a problem exists with water damage can decrease your restoration costs significantly.

Making sure that all areas of your store dry out requires special machinery to prevent water damage from escalating. Water seeps into everything, and in every direction. Variations in a material's composition or position can cause it to take on more water than other materials. We check throughout your shop to determine where the heaviest concentrations of water exist and then continue to monitor these areas to verify the successfulness of our efforts. Any remaining moisture can later cause microbial infestations or continued water damage within your shop.

SERVPRO of South Miami serves Kendall and Sweetwater, as well, and can help you restore your small shop after you experience water damage. Call us at (786) 504-1595 for a fast response and effective assistance in mitigating the damage.

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Miami's Commercial Flood Damage Experts Discuss Problems With Lightning

8/20/2018 (Permalink)

During severe thunderstorms, there are many elements that can cause damage to your property in Miami.

Commercial Flood Damage

During severe thunderstorms, there are many elements that can cause damage to your property in Miami. Severe weather causes things like high-speed winds that can cause commercial flood damage. Wind can blow stuff like branches and rocks into your warehouse's structure creating holes for water to enter. If it rains enough during a Miami storm, your business district could flood which can also cause water to get into your company's warehouse.

Lightning is another aspect of thunderstorms that can cause problems. If lightning hits your roof, it can cause issues that create water to enter your building which can cause commercial flood damage to your Miami business. Any time water enters your structure it can ruin a variety of building materials inside your warehouse. If excessive moisture is left inside a structure for too long, mold growth can occur. If mold starts to grow, it can cause health problems for your company's employees and customers.

Any time water enters your business' warehouse prompt mitigation is necessary. Our SERVPRO restoration crew knows that removing moisture within 48 hours to prevent mold growth is essential. The first thing our experts do when arriving at any emergency damage call is to secure the area. Storms can cause problems to buildings that create things like trip or fall hazards for the occupants at your place of business. We inspect the entire affected area and repair all of the hazards that we can. If there are places that have hazards such as electrical issue we block off the are until a certified electrician can fix the problem.

Next, we repair the hole where water entered so that no more moisture can ruin building materials. If the problem was created by lightning, then our SERVPRO technicians board up and seal off the hole created so that water cannot continue to leak into your warehouse. Before mitigation procedures begin we determine what is required to permanently fix the lightning damage and include it in the estimate.

We conduct all work procedures in ways that can keep your business functioning. If you ever need help after lightning strikes your business, call SERVPRO of South Miami at (786) 610-5955 24/7.

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How To Deal With Commercial Water Damage When In Kendall

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage can affect your businesses in many ways, and that calls for mitigation measures to check on the loss and risk.

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can affect your businesses in many ways, and that calls for mitigation measures to check on the loss and risk. Usually, water is penetrative, and if you waste any time, it can penetrate your machinery and equipment and with no time signs of mold growth and odors results. If you run your commercial operations in Kendall, you need to treat everything as an emergency.

There are initial steps that our SERVPRO technicians follow when attending to water damage in Kendall that we want you to know. The restoration starts by conducting a thorough inspection of your property. During this step, we can analyze the extent of the damage and evaluate whether there are existent hazards at the site before the restoration work can start.

Always contact certified professionals like SERVPRO as soon as the incident takes since removing the excess water is necessary. If the water sits for a long period, what was salvageable may end up being unsalvageable. As a result, we use water extractors and pumps to do water removal. If there was an unnoticeable water penetration, there are high chances of having mold in the structure. We perform mold cleanup and perform deodorization to prevent future growth since it can lead to health effects.

At SERVPRO, we can help you with material replacement. After a water damage incident, the chances are that your office furniture, flooring, drywall, carpeting as well as other materials may need replacement. While it is possible to replace some of the water-damaged contents, there are some cases where replacement is necessary. Before doing that, we perform an inspection to determine what you need to replace.

IICRC certifies our SERVPRO technicians, and we follow all the state regulations when working for you. We understand that safety is vital in any restoration work and that is why we observe safety measures such as wearing protective gloves, overalls, and use helmets.

At SERVPRO of South Miami, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster whether it is storm, mold, water, and fire related. Call us at (305) 269-8900 and get the chance of working with a reliable and tested industry leader.

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Leaky Drinking Fountains Can Cause Commercial Water Damage To Hotels In Coral Gables

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Hotels in Coral Gables can find themselves facing commercial water damage should their drinking fountain or cooler leak.

Commercial Water Damage

Many people in Coral Gables are concerned with staying hydrated, and a quick sip of cold water here and there can help. Many businesses, including hotels, use drinking fountains and water coolers to provide this perk for people using their services. Low in cost, these convenient sources of drinking water provide benefits to both the business and the people catered to by the business owners.

However, hotels in Coral Gables can find themselves facing commercial water damage should their drinking fountain or cooler leak. Both can suffer from small cracks, either in the cooler's frame or various seals, or water lines that wiggle loose. Carpeting around the area can easily hold moisture for long periods without it becoming known.

SERVPRO professionals can help mitigate water damage that creeps up on business owners. Typically positioned near a wall, fountains and coolers that leak can damage walls and floors equally harshly. One of the first signs of a problem with a water leak might be peeling paint near the area. Any electrical outlets can become shock hazards if water enters their circuit boxes or saturates any wiring.

Our Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) understands the risks of damaged materials and can help guide you through the steps needed to protect your staff and guests. Because such water is clean and did not travel far, we can typically restore carpeting. When possible, we do this before repainting any walls to avoid trapping moisture under drop cloths. This also helps prevent microbial activity that can eat away at carpet fibers and backing materials.

Even though water is a tasteless and odorless liquid, it often creates odors when it comes into contact with carpeting, furniture, and many other materials, even after drying. We can solve odor problems related to water leaks, making everything “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of South Miami's technicians use their experience and training to restore various businesses to a preloss condition. To reach our 24-hour services, contact us by calling our local number, (305) 269-8900, any day of the week, year-round. We can help restore your hotel quickly and efficiently, with little to no interruption for your guests.

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Mitigation Solves Commercial Flood Damage In Miami's Apartment Complexes

11/8/2017 (Permalink)

Landlords whose apartment complexes have flood damage know that loss of profits because of such disastrous conditions can create long-term effects.

Commercial Flood Damage

Property owners and managers in Miami deal with day-to-day situations involving their renters and rental units. Extenuating circumstances add significantly to the stress and workload these professionals experience.

Landlords in Miami whose apartment complexes have commercial flood damage know that loss of profits because of such disastrous conditions can create long-term effects. These can include an inability to pay expenses including payroll, lawsuits for loss of personal property, exacerbation of health conditions, and many others. Even if the judge decides the case is unwarranted, the stress, loss of time, and energy can seriously harm any business.

Whenever a business experiences flooding, restoring everything again takes time, but this is a necessary expenditure. When a multi-unit building such as a hotel, campus dormitory, or apartment complex requires mitigation services for flood damage, some units might not experience severe problems. When this occurs, those units might remain occupied.

For units and common areas that require mitigation, we use equipment according to international standards. Our technicians earned IICRC certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD) and combined with their experience, can perform the work required throughout your entire complex. Our goal is to make it “Like it never even happened,” regardless of the complex nature of the job or severity of the initial flooding.

Part of our experience comes from working in hospital settings, motels, and large shopping outlets. In such locations, our customers' clients often see us performing different stages of mitigation. We know the best methods to perform our work while remaining out of the way of third parties.

Apartment complexes pose a bit of a different scenario because these units are much more permanent and contain household items, unlike hotel rooms. We can help your renters move their things to safer locations, as well as work with them individually. However the situation unfolds, we remain flexible and bring many solutions to the table, helping you and your renters through these stressful times so life can get back to normal once again.

SERVPRO of South Miami employs local technicians who dedicate their time to helping others in our community. Without other businesses, our local economy suffers. Without quality apartment complexes, our area housing situation plummets. When you have flood damage at your apartment complex, call us at (305) 269-8900 for 24-hour services.

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Safe, Commercial Water Removal in Miami

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Drying carpets and making sure that they will still hold up to regular foot traffic is one of our primary tasks. After water damage, contact SERVPRO.

Team SERVPRO Arrives with the Equipment and Manpower Ready to Remediate ANY Level of Water Damage on Your Commercial Property

The worst weather has probably passed Miami for the year, but wind and rain are still happening. It is more important than ever that businesses already damaged remove water as quickly as possible.
Commercial water removal in Miami needs to be accomplished by a professional service. Businesses with multiple offices like a law firm may decide that a little rain is not nearly as bad as the recent hurricane and try to cut corners. That is never a good idea, as a rented Water-Vac and a Rug Doctor cannot replace the experience and training SERVPRO brings to every water disaster.
Rental equipment is not the same quality that our response team brings to each home. It is not maintained on-site like the commercial grade machines we have and have access to in our nationwide network of equipment. Even the new devices available for purchase at a big box store do not have the power and options our technicians bring to the job.
When carpets and structural property have suffered previous water damage, further time underwater accelerates new problems. For example, carpet that was cleaned and dried still sustained some damage even if delamination did not occur. Minor damage to the back of the carpet accelerates future risk with the next flooding situation.
SERVPRO technicians examine carpets before beginning work with pumps and extraction wands. They avoid areas that show bubbles beneath the surface or a few loose threads from the nape. After extracting water from the rest of the carpet, we use specially designed heaters and air movers to dry these spots without agitating the surface and accidentally causing more problems.
Multiple incidents of water damage require a professional response each time to remove it with either no or at least minimal damage. SERVPRO of South Miami has been serving Miami-Dade County for over 20 years and helping businesses return to serving their customers as quickly and safely as possible. If you need us, call today at (305) 269-8900.

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Historic Landmarks Rebound From Water Damage With Assistance From SERVPRO In Coral Gables

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the trained employees and specialized equipment to restore these treasures, so they continue to share the traditions of our area.

Historic Landmarks Rebound From Water Damage

Our community is home to a number of homes, buildings, and attractions important to the history of the city. Over the years water from rain, plumbing, and storms intrudes and harms structures and interiors. SERVPRO has the trained employees and specialized equipment to restore these treasures, so they continue to share the beauty and the traditions of our area.

Lovely homes built at the beginning of the 20th century frequently get a second life when acquired by civic organizations or individuals. Repurposed as interpretive centers, quaint inns, or B & B, these charming homes sometimes show their age. Your bed and breakfast contain water damage, marring the beauty and utility of a Coral Gables landmark. Working with our project managers and trained technicians brings your lodging back to its former glory.

Pre-existing and current water damage both present challenges to the owner of a century-old home. You may call us for help for an active leak and then find after our inspection that decades of damage lie hidden behind walls or under floors. Our supervisors and work crews confer with you throughout the restoration of your B & B, advising on what tasks must be completed to preserve your investment and to follow local regulations and what is safe to handle at a later time. Wet or damp structures cannot be ignored, and we develop a comprehensive plan to remove moisture and restore the integrity of both the interior and exterior of the building.

Particularly when historical artifacts are in danger of destruction, we use all the strategies our trained workforce learned from industry certification courses to restore rather than tear out and replace water damaged areas and items. Expect a multi-faceted approach employing water extraction, determination of drying goals through scientific moisture measurement, and implementation of a range of efficient and practical moisture reduction methods. Air movers and dehumidifiers dry out walls, ceilings, floors, and attached decor such as carpeting.

One-of-a-kind artwork, wall coverings, and documents receive unique treatments only certified technician complete. Techniques such as lyophilization, another term for freeze drying, succeeds in restoring papers, books, and pictures, skipping from frozen to dry without releasing water vapor in a liquid form. Stained antique wallpaper responds to careful attention from our experts, using the proper products and professional procedures.

Water damage done to your historic B & B has a range of solutions, and SERVPRO of South Miami awaits discussing your options. Call for a consultation at (305) 269-8900 to begin the restoration process.

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Reliable Restoration of Your Water Damaged South Miami Nightclub

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage make your nightclub a thing of the past. Complete the ERP with SERVPRO and contact them quickly if damage occurs.

Preparing for Possible Damage with the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan is the KEY to Successful Remediation

Closing for even one day threatens a possible catastrophe for your bar and restaurant. Establishments that shut their doors even briefly to manage water damage often experience a reduction in customers that can become permanent. Partnering with SERVPRO through our Emergency Ready Plan ensures a speedy restoration, avoiding the unnecessary disappointment of your thirsty and hungry clientele.
It is not uncommon for commercial water damage to complicate the operation of your South Miami nightclub. So many different possibilities present themselves as problems. Heavy rains and poor drainage on you flat roof leak water down walls and through ceilings. An ice machine pipe bursts in the bar area. Dishwashers overflow or restroom facilities back up. Water damage can interfere with the smooth operation of your bar, restaurant, and entertainment venue in many ways. Let us work with you as you develop a comprehensive set of responses to these water damage disasters and more.
When you complete your Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) with SERVPRO, we have a chance to review your physical layout and expectations with you. If our inspector notices problem areas, we discuss this so that you have an opportunity to implement changes to avoid or limit water damage from any causes. As we increase our understanding of your operations, we are better able to prepare the most advantageous approach should we get the call that your business needs water damage restoration. We developed a mobile app that walks you through a thorough list of questions we need you to answer. The questionnaire covers nearly every contingency, including essential information like the location of mechanical systems and shut offs. Your sharing with us the names of the key staff you authorize to act on your behalf, a blueprint of your space, and your hierarchy of priorities if the unthinkable happens is crucial for our most effective response.
Once you complete the Emergency Ready Plan, contacting us is as easy as tapping a few commands on your phone. When you are on vacation or otherwise unavailable, your trusted employees are empowered to make contact if disaster strikes. No matter who reaches out to us, SERVPRO reacts secure in the knowledge we have a clear guide of your concerns and desires to follow. Water damage restoration is best if begun quickly, and a clear plan makes it even more efficient. Our speedy response limits any downtime for your nightclub, precisely the situation a successful business needs to bounce back.
SERVPRO of South Miami is your ally if water damage threatens your established hospitality business. Call us at (305) 269-8900 to start the process of creating an individualized Emergency Ready Plan, smoothing the way for a fast and full restoration of your restaurant.

SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile for Landlords

1/18/2017 (Permalink)

Storms are not predictable. Call SERVPRO to see how the ERP system can work for your business.

Preparation is Key for Water Damage Remediation

SERVPRO's new Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) system allows business owners to easily keep track of all properties and locations during a hurricane, and respond appropriately. Using the tool, you can create multiple individualized profiles and information sets for each property you own, and with just a few clicks after an emergency, our technicians will have all the information they need to get to work on mitigating damage. As a result, they can save owners of multiple properties, such as landlords, thousands in repair costs after a hurricane by responding quickly to each location.
During a hurricane, commercial water damage in Coral Gables apartments and rental properties can come in the form of flooding, staining, physical damages, rain exposure, and any of a host of other small problems. Usually, our technicians have to spend precious time evaluating the building and formulating an approach, but this process is hastened with SERVPRO's ERP system. Through it, they can access relevant contact information, building plans and layouts, and critical information about utility systems. This is especially useful in attached properties, which may share utilities and resources with neighboring locations.
Generally, the information you submit to the ERP system is the same information that we will ask for during the emergency. The main difference is that instead of having to operate under heavy time constraints and rely on you to be available to provide that information, we can access the information digitally and before we even arrive. When a disaster like a hurricane hits, you can log onto our website or open up the app and have us responding with all the info we need in seconds. For apartments and rental properties, this can include relevant information and contact routes for tenants, ensuring that they make it through the process unscathed as well.
SERVPRO of South Miami operates on the principle of mitigation to respond around the clock and save landlords thousands in restoration costs. Call us at (305) 269-8900 for our help or to learn more about the ERP system.

Reopening Fast After Commercial Water Damage at Your Coral Gables Business

11/27/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Hastens a Commercial Building Reopening After Water Damage in Coral Gables

Water Can Create Many Sorts of Damage to Your Business

Accidents happen, and regardless of the cause, it is how we respond to them that matters. Commercial water damage is no different, and your response can impact the result your business experiences, no matter what type of commerce you are involved in. SERVPRO is experienced in helping business owners and managers bring their businesses back from disaster, no matter how large or small the business.
In Coral Gables, businesses affected by commercial water damage can benefit from professional services in cleaning up, the first step in getting everything back to normal. Professional services should be used instead of doing things yourself. Safety, thoroughness, and knowing which steps to take and when are inherent benefits that SERVPRO offers. We do what we do so you can get back to your business operations fast.
Inventory that has been damaged needs to be documented so you can be reimbursed by your insurance company. We can assist with this so that the process is smoother for you. However, our goal is to restore as much of your inventory as possible. In addition to reducing the losses you need to claim, it also reduces your wait time in purchasing and receiving replacement goods. This is especially important when seasonal or promotional items are involved. Not having the merchandise your customers want means they can go elsewhere, resulting in lost sales and plummeting profits.
Washable, non-porous items can be cleaned at your site, as are your floors, walls, and display racks, tables, and shelves. Some items that were bagged or otherwise packaged may need to be removed from their plastic packaging but are otherwise ready for sale. We can save the UPC codes on items such as these so that you can have a list of non-UPC items made and ready for each register, keeping wait times within normal parameters for your customers. Items that require washing before being placed back on display can be restored to new condition at our site. When they are ready, we will return them to you so you can offer them to your customers. We work quickly because we know your business depends on it, but we are also very precise and detailed so that safety and cleanliness are top priorities.
Don't try to clean up commercial water damage on your own. Your safety and that of your employees are too important to take risks. Call SERVPRO of South Miami at (305) 269-8900 when you have water problems at your enterprise, and we will be there at your earliest convenience.

The 4 Step Procedure for Dealing with Commercial Mold Damage in Miami

10/25/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Can Close Down a Business in Miami

Count On SERVPRO for Mold Remediation for Your Business

If you’ve ever experienced minor flooding in your business – from a leaking tap, for example – you’re probably aware of the importance of mold damage remediation and control. In the presence of moisture, mold thrives. And, as it can compromise air quality and cause health problems for some, it must be quickly removed and neutralized.

Fortunately, this is an easy task with the help of SERVPRO. We have years of experience dealing with commercial mold damage in Miami businesses. So, not only do we have the right tools for the job, our experts are specially trained to identify and eliminate problem areas within damaged properties. We do it fast, and we do it safely to protect the health of your employees and your business.

This guide to a standard four-step mold remediation procedure will give you some information on what to expect from the process.

Step One: Make a Safety Assessment
The first step is always to inspect the business and make a decision as to how to deal with the occupants. The SERVPRO team may request that your employees vacate all or part of the building. Full evacuations are very rare because mold damage is usually confined to one room, corner, or stretch of a ceiling. Nevertheless, this measure is for your safety, and you must ensure that employees comply.

Step Two: Take a Written Report
Once the contaminated area has been secured and there is little chance of employees spreading mold materials to other parts of the building, the team will draw up a written report. This will document the extent of the damage. It may form a useful part of your insurance claim once the remediation process is complete.

Step Three: Remove Damaged Materials
The SERVPRO technicians will then begin to safely remove any materials that are so infested with mold that they cannot be salvaged. In extreme cases, this may include parts of porous drywall and ceiling. If this is needed, negative air machines will be used to expel the contaminants in the atmosphere to the exterior. Moderately soiled items will be vacuumed with HEPA filters and cleaned with detergents.

Step Four: Eradicate the Source of the Mold
Mold flourishes in the presence of moisture. Even if all of the damaged materials and contaminants are safely removed, the problem will return if there is still a leak or other issue present. This is why mold remediation experts are also trained to find and repair sources of moisture in commercial buildings.

If you fear a mold problem in your Miami business, it is critical that you call our experts. This type of problem can spread fast and pose a danger to your inventory and foot traffic. As SERVPRO of South Miami is a local business, we respond to calls fast. Call us 24/7 at (305) 269-8900.

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Kendall

6/10/2015 (Permalink)

Commercial spaces with Kendall water damage require more extensive services than residential buildings.

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial spaces with Kendall water damage require more extensive services than residential buildings. While homeowners have a horrendous mess to clean, commercial property owners have even more to consider when it comes to water damage restoration services.

One tremendous difference in most instances is the size of the area requiring restorative services. Most homes do not exceed three stories along with a possible basement. The square footage of most residential homes is unlikely to exceed 3-4000, including a basement and garage. On the other hand, commercial properties often have dozens of stories, with square footage numbers going into hundreds of thousands. When a pipe bursts on an upper floor, the water can inundate all of the lower floors, creating tremendous damage. Some of it may not even be readily visible when it occurs.

Additional concerns exist regarding Kendall water damage to commercial buildings when compared to residential restorative services. Commercial units often have more furnishings and equipment than homes. Desks, filing cabinets and the various machinery located in the damaged areas must be removed in order for the carpets to be dried properly. In some instances, where items cannot be removed, the restoration professionals must work around these.

Commercial buildings are often built to different specifications that can impede the process of cleaning water damage. Drywall may be double the thickness if it has firewalls. Restoration professionals face added challenges regarding the removal of excess water and testing for dryness levels. Locating wet insulation and extracting it from these walls is another problem encountered with these services. It is also vital that all ventilation systems are thoroughly inspected to discover if the water damage has spread.

For owners of commercial property that has suffered Kendall water damage, it is essential that professional services are obtained quickly. SERVPRO has experience with multi-level commercial buildings. SERVPRO is able to provide verifiable references.

Once hired, SERVPRO must begin by removing all of the visible water and follow up with a complete inspection of the insulation, drywall and ventilation areas. If these locations are not properly dried mold and mildew can result. It is vital that IICRC S500 Guidelines are adhered to, particularly ensuring that the grains per pound of dry air are safe.

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